musician, sound engineer and audio programmer based in Bologna (IT).

Working between music producing, live sound engineering and technologies.


tool for DMX512 devices control in multimedia installation

TRDmx is a tool built between Teensy and Max MSP, developed by Andrea Trona and Francesco Vogli thanks to the partnership with Tempo Reale - Centro di Ricerca, Produzione e Didattica Musicale, made for controlling DMX512 devices especially in multimedia installation and concert that involves a close relationship between sound and light. The main focus of the project is the flexibility of the DMX512 programming environment, built in a way to help to understand every channel routing and to be easy to modify on the fly. Other two useful features are the possibility of control the light system trhu OSC protocol (with clear target names for function) or to control it thru MIDI sequence (useful in context where you have a MIDI/audio player, e.g. in a museum).

Hardware and programming: Andrea Trona, Francesco Vogli
Tutoring: Francesco Canavese, Damiano Meacci