/works/network~ 03 [Bar Modo Infoshop]

musician, sound engineer and audio programmer based in Bologna (IT).

Working between music producing, live sound engineering and technologies.

Qualche parola privata detta in pubblico

live electronics, A/V post-production and mixing

network~ 03 [Bar Modo Infoshop] is an online concert by ECB~ featuring Agnese Banti, Marianna Murgia, So Beast, Andrea Trona, Fra Zedde.
The musical idea was to give a sound to the Modo bar during the second lockdown by setting up a set that could suggest the listener. The
The duo with Agnese Banti was born for the occasion and develops around a traditional Irish song rearranged for voice and live electronics.

Production: Agnese Banti, Daniele Carcassi, Andrea Trona
Troupe: Davide Baldazzi, Agnese Banti, Daniele Carcassi, Fernando Hester, Federico Inzerillo, Mario Molosso, Cecilia Rocca, Nicola Venturo, Andrea Trona
Post-production: Agnese Banti, Giovanni Onorato, Andrea Trona
Collaborator: Bar Modo Infoshop
Media partner: duepunti, musicaelettronica.it, USMARADIO

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