musician, sound engineer and audio programmer based in Bologna (IT).

Working between music producing, live sound engineering and technologies.

multimedia installation for sound and light devices (2023)
If in the ancient Greek tradition the word pnĂȘuma stood for the breath, that is the force with which the demiurge breathed life into things and composed them in perfect order, in Origine the breath becomes an opportunity to investigate sonically and visually a condition of primordial cyclicity and a pretext to connect with an archaic voice. In the multimedia installation Origine, light-darkness and sound-silence enable dialogue between technological devices, developing an iridescent compositional circularity and activating the surrounding sound and visual space.

Concept, composition and programming Andrea Trona
Artistic collaboration and voice Agnese Banti
Development of lighting devices Andrea Trona, Francesco Vogli

Realised with the contribution of Tempo Reale's PiGro residency programme.
The first study of the installation was presented at the Conservatory of Bologna during the Martini Elettrico 2023 exhibition.

Temporary teaser